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I believe the Source Code / Documents to be fairly complete and correct. However, it may contain errors of various magnitude. Although I'm interested in hearing about any such errors, and will attempt to fix those brought to my attention, this information comes with no warranty, and I am not responsible for any harm you may come to by using it. Sorry. If You have some work to outsource you can contact me at Cleon Technologies

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  Source Code Downloads: 

E-Mail and News Group Reader

A NewsGroup reader to read newsgroups and Send E-Mails Demonstrates Use of WinSock Control. (VB6 - 20KB - 26 Apr 1999).

Show Password

Show the Password in the Password Field by moving cursor over password box, Demonstrates the SendMessage with WM_GETTEXT and there is a story behind it i will put it up someday. (VB6 - 4KB - 20 Apr 1999).

DeskTop Shortcuts

Source Code To Create Short Cut on Desktop. (VB6 - 5KB - 16 Apr 1999).

Screen Saver

A Simple Screen Saver Still under developement 'Screen Saver Various Setting to be done'. (VB6 - 59KB - 13 Apr 1999).

Transparent Form

Source Code for Creating a form with a Transparent Rectangular Hole in the Middle. (VB6 - 3KB - 13 Apr 1999).

String Encryption Decryption

Dumb Encryption Formula For String Encrption Decryption Hacker Encrypt / Decrypt use this insterd. (VB6 - 4KB - 10 Apr 1999).

Number to Words

Converts a given Number to Words in Lack format, works up to one Crore also demonstrates the implementation of number only entry into a textbox. (VB6 - 4KB - 22 Mar 1999).

Shell Wait

Wait for Shell Command to be completed. and then return back to the application (VB6 - 3KB - 22 Mar 1999).

Hacker Encrypt / Decrypt

A Function To Encrypt and Decrypt Files / Strings (VB6 - 4KB - 19 Mar 1999).

Credit Card Verification

Verify weather a given Credit Card Number is Valid or Not (VB6 - 3KB - 14 Mar 1999).

Grid Calculator

Convert MsFlex Grid to Have Functionality of MS-Excel (VB6 - 9KB - 12 Mar 1999).

VB Standards Documentation

Standards Documentation By IHS Professional Services (WordPad - 29KB - 12 Mar 1999).



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